KurtAdler.com ordering information--EXISTING CUSTOMERS ONLY

If you are an existing customer with Kurt Adler, you will need:

1. Your Kurt Adler acct number: always a state abbreviation, followed by a 4-digit number. Example: MA0101
2. Your billing account zip code.

1. go to www.kurtadler.com.
2. at the upper right, in the username box enter your account number.
3. for password, enter your billing account zip code.
4. once you are logged into the wholesale site, there is a tab for "flippable catalogs". This tab will allow you to browse through the current printed catalogs online.
5. The main catalog lists the items without prices. To get a complete listing of the current prices, email us at jpaykuss@aol.com. We can send you a) the main catalog price list, listing items by page of the catalog or b) the complete current Kurt Adler pricelist in excel format or c) both. Please specify what you want in your email.
6. Once you have made your selections, email us your order. We need the following information only:

Customer name and address--shipping address if different
Item # and quantity
Ship date & cancel date
PO number, if any
Credit card information, if you are paying by credit card. If you have established open terms with Kurt Adler, this will not be necessary.

7. Once we have received your information, we will process your order and email back a confirmation copy, noting any items that are no longer available. If you wish to make any changes to the order, email us back with them. We will then send a revised copy back to you.

You can contact us at any time during the order/ reorder process at 800-562-0088 or jpaykuss@aol.com.