Fairie Lights

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Kurt Adler's LED Fairie Lights run on 3 AA batteries. They can be displayed under water, making for some exciting and creative displays. Available in multi color, cool white and warm white, each display unit comes with a "Try Me" feature. The warm white bulbs are LED but look like standard incandescent light, which has made them extremely popular

Above left are our 25 light warm white fairy lights. Next to them, our 50 light fairy lights come with a 6 hr timer. Next, our new superbright 50 light fairy lights feature a larger bulb and are also available in a classic (eggshell color) white as well as warm white, cool white and multi like the others. Also pictured, they are available with copper wiring. NOT PICTURED: we now also offer fairie lights in 100 light sets with timers, with green or silver wire.

To the right of that, we are also introducing mini tinsel garland fairy lights available in warm white or multi. And on the far right, we are also introducing ribbon with fairy lights assorted in red, gold and silver.

Owing to the popularity of these fairie lights, we now offer Hanukkah fairie lights, as well as many other shapes and styles. Additionally, Kurt Adler has now added licensed fairie lights to the line, available in all the popular licenses we have. See below for a sampling.

C5525 SW9173 BM9172
DN9172 WW9171 DN9195