Peter Saalman Associates want to thank you for placing your Kurt Adler order with us. Please use this sheet as a helpful guide and answer to some commonly asked questions.

1. Dating terms: All our printed orders, order copies and invoices will have imprinted on them "Net 30 days", whether you are receiving special dating (i.e. Christmas Dating, which is Net 12/10), or paid by credit card, or whatever your terms may be. If you have requested special dating (you qualify by ordering $1000+), you will receive a letter from our credit department outlining your terms. If you do not receive any correspondence from them within 2 weeks of placing your order, please call us.

2. Shipping: All orders are shipped from our warehouse in New Jersey. Shipping time for "At Once" orders is usually 2-3 weeks; however, this does vary throughout the year. From mid-August to early October, turnaround time can be as long as 6 weeks, as this is the busiest shipping time of the year; in November and later, we can sometimes ship within a week, or even a few days.

Kurt Adler is a Christmas importer; this means that merchandise is arriving throughout the year. When your order is ready to be shipped, all available merchandise will be pulled from inventory and shipped to you. First shipments are generally 50-70% complete, with a backorder due to be shipped approximately 1 month later. Depending on the size of your order and merchandise availability, you may receive another backorder or more to complete your delivery. That is why we urge you to take delivery as early as possible; you will be complete earlier.

Excluding prepayments, we only bill you for what we ship, when we ship it.
If you need any particular item by a certain deadline, please let us know!
Kurt Adler consistently ships well over 90% complete every year!

3. Damages: When you receive your shipment, the best thing to do is to inspect the merchandise for damage. Damage claims under $30 can be handled by us here at Peter Saalman Associates. You will want to have the following information at hand:

KSA Account #. This customer # is very useful for all correspondence with Kurt Adler.
Invoice #: Itís on that packing slip, somewhere.
Item #, quantity damaged, and the price you paid for it.
Do you want it replaced?
Generally, with minor $ claims for broken merchandise, you will be allowed to deduct the $ amount from your invoice. For larger or more serious damage claims, or claims on expensive gift items, a call tag will usually be issued to pick up the damaged merchandise. Upon receipt of the goods in question, your account will be properly credited. If we need to ship you replacement goods, we will re-bill you for these goods.

4. Customer Service:We at Peter Saalman Associates are happy to service your account, and offer assistance to help you with any and all problems related to orders placed with us.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns,

Please call us at:

(Or you can e-mail us at

Kurt Adler values all its customers, and tries to service them promptly and efficiently. But it is a large company, and occasionally, things are not handled properly. If for any reason you are not satisfied with customer service, please let us know! Sometimes, we can help solve a difficult problem by getting involved, and we are happy to do so.