Hollywood Nutcrackers

HA0615 HA0466 HA0573 HA0592 HA0467 HA0556 HA0576
HA0537 HA0227 HA0284 HA0373 HA0337 HA0197, HA0281 HA0545
HA0539S HA0338 HA0234 HA0564 HA0199 HA0462 HA0479
HA0278 HA0527 HA0426 HA0530 C0170 HA0469 HA0639

Holly Adler's Hollywood Nutcrackers are unique in the industry with their original designs, playfulness and creativity. They are not your bargain-basement big box store nutcracker, but rather a special gift found in your finest retail establishments. Above are some of the new Hollywood nutcracker designs for this year, along with many returning favorites.

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