Licensed Items

BL1211 BL2211 RU1211 CO1211 CO2211 CN9231
BK1201 DND1212 DND2211 MG1211 MG7211 SW9203
HK1242 HK1244 RW1202 EL2231 RG1201 EP2171
PA1201 BO1201 BO2181 BO2201 PA1171 EY2242
BP1241 CS9142 HP7181 RU4221 PJ1182 GF1241
DN6203 DN5161 DN9168 PN6151 GD4141 GD4142
DN6173L BOR1231 PA7161 DIN1222 BZ1171 SQ1221

Kurt Adler adds new popular licenses every year, adding to our already huge collection which includes Bluey, Cocomelon, Squishmallows, Hello Kitty, Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering! We also have Baby Sharks, Star Wars items (featuring The Mandalorian and The Child), Disney, Rudolph, Grateful Dead and more!

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