Licensed Items

BL1211 BL2211 RZ1211 CO1211 CO1212 CO2211
BK1201 DND1212 DND2211 MG1211 MG7211 SW9201
CRD1201 CRD2201 TG1201 TG2202 TG1202 LN2192
LN7191 LN4192 RW1202 RW1201 RM1187 RM1184
RM1181 BO1201 BO2181 BO2201 LM1191 SW6201L
SW7201 RG1201 SY1191 WA1201 EP2171 PA1171
PA1201 CS9142 BB1211 LU2211 GS1202 GS2201
AC2201 HP7181 PJ1182 DN5161 DN9168 DA2183
DN6203 PP1151 PP7161 PN6151 GD4141 GD4142
DN6173L NK1191 PA7161 SH1162 BZ1171

Kurt Adler adds new popular licenses every year, and this year is no exception, with the addition of Bluey, Cocomelon, Ricky Zoom, Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering! We also added more to last year's mid-year addition, Baby Sharks. And we added some new Star Wars items featuring The Mandalorian and The Child.

Popular returning licenses include Daniel Tiger, Clifford and Ryan's World. (For more about Ryan's World, click here)!

Kurt Adler has one of the most extensive collections of licensed goods available today. With Disney, Paw Patrol, Grateful Dead, Star Wars, Downton Abbey and more, there is something for everyone.

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