Lights and Treetops

UL4100 display UL4101WW H1336WW UL4111CW C5534WW BAT0306WW BAT0301WW

Kurt Adler offers 50 & 100 light commercial grade LED miniature lights. Available in warm white, multi, white cord as well as in most popular colors, including orange and purple for Halloween. Each 50 light set comes packed in a 16 pc try-me displayer (pictured above left) & is competitively priced. 100 light sets come in an 8 set displayer. Our 50 light fairy lights with timers have been extremely popular.

Snowfall lights make for an eye-catching display. To see our Snowfall lights, click here.

UL1983 UL1084 UL1082 UL1085 UL2108 UL2154 UL2218 UL2146 AD2001
UL3135 UL3110 UL0214C UL0118C US0134 UL1214 UL0124C UL0118M UL3142

Kurt Adler offers one of the most complete assortments of Angel & Star treetops, with gold and silver angels, fiber-optic and regular, lit and unlit. Here is a sampling of our various novelty light sets as well.

UL1861 UL4285 UL0136 UL0676 UL0140 UL1002 UL4293 UL4315 UL0139 AD1001SWW
UL0045 UL4248 UL4346M UL0740 UL4264 UL4330 UL4291 UL0702 UL4224 UL4342

To see our USB Power Connect program, which converts battery sets into plug-ins, click here.