D3989 E0618BT A2126PU DIG2011 DIG2010 C7615LD
C3698CH C3698DB D2691 A1676 NB0900GO, NB0900BT C7954GO
D3449GO, D3449FB A1507 C4692LB NB1261BD NB1261BE, NB1261DA A1940GO
A1844 NB0993 W7332 NB1141 G0267 E0599
E0603 C7609 J7732 E0600 C4762 A1977

Kurt Adler features a large selection of dog and cat ornaments. Many dog breed assortments are available with still more new groups this year. Most are available individually or by the assortment. If you prefer generic dog ornaments, we have plenty of those too, as well as rescue pet ornaments.