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Are you ordering from Kurt Adler for the first time? Click HERE for FAQ regarding ordering from Kurt Adler.

How to order Kurt Adler using www.kurtadler-reps.com

www.kurtadler-reps.com is a new site that has been set up with easy to use flippable Kurt Adler catalogs. To place an order please email us at jpaykuss@aol.com to obtain a password.

Click where it says "Login" and enter the password when prompted. You will then go straight to the main catalog. You will see small red tabs on the side of the catalog. You can click on these to go to different sections in the catalog. You can also flip the catalog page by page or enter a page number in the page number box.

On the upper right side is a file cabinet icon. Click it and you will see the different documents available, including all the additional catalogs (glass, lights, nutcrackers, personalization, santas and trees). With the "additional catalogs" you can use the tabs on the sides to go to whichever catalog you want.

To order an item (or just to check the price), simply click on the highlighted item number and an ordering box will come up with all details of the item, including the case pack, case price, minimum quantity and split pack price. The minimum quantity and price will be the default in the ordering box at the bottom. Inventory is updated regularly, and items that are sold out (or new items that have not yet been priced) will have the link disabled, so if you try to click on it nothing will happen. Once you order an item it will appear in your "shopping cart". To view these or to finish your order just click on the shopping cart icon at the top. Please note that there is a separate shopping cart for the main catalog and for the additional catalogs, the entire line price list, etc. You will need to check them out separately, but we will combine the orders for you when we send you your copy.

When you are done with the order:

1. Click on the shopping cart icon.
2. Click on "submit cart/order to your rep".

3. Where it says "Sales Rep" on the first line, click on the drop down icon at the upper line far right. The rep drop-down menu will appear. Then click on "Jeff Paykuss--New England" from the drop down menu showing where to send the order. (Dan Gerard customers, please choose this option as well--all your orders will be immediately forwarded to Dan for processing).

Once we receive your order we will process it and send you a copy complete with pictures, UPC codes, prices, etc.

NOTE: Case pack quantities are listed in the ordering box, but not the case price. If you order case packs the correct price will be on your order copy that we will send to you when complete.

We think you will enjoy ordering online using this site, but if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know!

Catalogs: the following catalogs are available on request--

Kurt Adler Main catalog & pricelist
Kurt Adler glass & shatterproof

Kurt Adler lights
Kurt Adler nutcrackers
Kurt Adler Santas
Kurt Adler trees
Kurt Adler personalization
Worth Imports

Wholesale price information is included in all catalogs.

Ordering information: the following are minimums for opening orders & terms per line--

Minimum order: $350. Terms: Net 30 days (w/ credit approval), credit card. Net 12/10 dating available for orders over $1000 (w/ credit approval).


Minimum order: $100. Terms: Net 30 days (w/ credit approval), credit card,

Minimum order: 1 case of any item. Terms: Net 30 days (w/ credit approval), credit card.

Minimum order: $500 on CC for opening (first-time) order. Net 30 terms available for return customers.

To request a catalog, or for more information, please contact us:

CALL 800-562-0088 or
eMAIL jpaykuss@aol.com.

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